Park House group photoOver the years, Park House has hosted intensive English language training courses for thousands of business and professional people, for general language students, as well as politicians, civil servants and diplomats.

What you’ve said about us:

 Last week was the most profitable investment I've ever made to improve my English. Thanks to all your Park House team for  your efforts in order to identify and correct my weak points. Yesterday I had an interview with a headhunter, at the end she asked me about my English level. We finished the interview speaking in English and as you can imagine was successful. Thank you.  J.M. Spain



Prime minister of NorwayDuring the last few years Park House has hosted English language training courses for a number of the world’s leading politicians, including the Chairman of the German SPD party, the ex-French Foreign Minister, the Prime Minister of Norway and of course the ex-Chancellor of Germany, Gerhard Schröder.

VIP students

Report October 2009

bullet “This small private language school offers residential courses in general and professional English. Points of excellence were noted in administration of students, aspects of premises, teaching and welfare.”

And from some of our students:

bullet “It was a wonderful time, being a student in Park House with you, Charles and your team.  "I'll be back” Thanks again for your excellent training!" H. A. Austria

bullet “I enjoyed every minute and learned a lot.  Thank you also for your welcome and your high professionalism which were necessary for such an efficient training. I won't forget our lessons together with the pronunciation of "s", "h" and "d' or "ed" and promise you to do efforts on them." M.F. Allianz, France

bullet “We want to thank you again very warmly for the great time we spent at Park House. You were perfect hosts and made our stay a pleasure. My lessons in emission trading with you have already proven to be invaluable to me during my recent meetings in Brussels." BDI, Germany

bullet “I almost every day remember my stay in Park House. It was like a real paradise!!  Such a beautiful mixture of fantastic nature, nice teachers, nice household, perfect colleagues, interesting weekends, sporting activities, relaxation ....." J.C., Siemens, Czech

bullet “I was very pleased to visit you and have training at Park House last week. I'll  remember this time very warmly for the rest of my life!" K.R. Finland

bullet “I am writing to tell you how very much I enjoyed the days at  the UK. Everything was just about perfect." X.S., China