Another thing our students are interested in - or maybe worried about - when they come to Park House is the food. Of course it goes without saying that they are also interested in the English tense system, differences between adjectives and adverbs and how to form beautiful and grammatically correct questions, but food is most definitely up there alongside 'if' conditionals.

As many of you know, our two cooks Jeannette and Miriam, are pretty talented and in the evenings we enjoy such tempting delicacies as - well let me give you a couple of menus from last week:


  • scallops, salmon & caviar in a leek and cream sauce
  • venison casserole with chestnuts
  • apricot upside down tart with sour cream

and on Tuesday:

  • chargrilled tuna with lime & caper sauce
  • lemon chicken with roast vegetables
  • nectarines toasted with amaretti and poached in brandy with vanilla ice cream

It does sound very good and explains why Charles has been on a diet for the past 5 months.

But, on the subject of food,  I'd also like to mention that we now have a Michelin Star restaurant in our own little town of Montgomery. Whereas Ludlow has long been a destination for 'foodies' , Montgomery is a relative new-comer and we are all very proud of The Checkers Restaurant on the main square where 'A Frenchman and the farmer's daughters' run a small but charming restaurant with a few hotel rooms for guests. A number of our students have made a special trip there and in all cases have been delighted. In fact, on a personal note, the night before Philippa and Rupert got married in June, Rupert's Pa kindly took over the restaurant for various wedding guests. And a splendid evening it was too.

And my final food comment is also family related. When Henry came home from school a couple of weeks ago he brought with him, hot off the press, several copies of the Eton Cookbook. An ideal Christmas present as well as a wonderful book to have on one's own shelves. This book has been put together by a couple of dedicated 'Ladies of Eton' and the proceeds will go to charity. So my own humble offering appears in the distinguished company of Messrs Cameron and Johnson. We have already tried several of the recipes - selected for their ease of cooking and their excellent taste and can fully recommend this book. Charles did say that Mr Cameron's spicy sausage pasta gave him indigestion but I dismiss this totally as an unkind political slur on the Prime Minister. Speaking personally, I thought his pasta dish was delicious!