Information about BEC Examinations

BEC – Business English Certificates

The Business English Certificates (BEC) are internationally recognised qualifications that show employers your skills for using English in the workplace.

There are three different levels of BEC:  BEC Preliminary, BEC Vantage and BEC Higher.

The BEC examination is now also available as a computer based test. You can take the reading, writing and listening parts of the test on a computer using an attractive and easy to understand interface, while the speaking test is conducted face to face.

Cambridge English Business Certificates give detailed, meaningful results. All candidates receive a Statement of Results. Candidates whose performance is successful will also receive a certificate.

For full information, visit the official BEC website


BEC Preliminary
(Intermediate Level - B1)

Reading & Writing 1hour 30 minutes
Listening 40 minutes
Speaking 12 minutes

BEC Vantage
(Upper Intermediate Level - B2)

Reading 1 hour
Writing 45 minutes
Listening 40 minutes
Speaking 14 minutes

BEC Higher
(Advanced Level - C1)

Reading 1 hour
Writing 1hour 10 minutes
Listening 40 minutes
Speaking 16 minutes